Why Skyblue?

Our principal aim, as a team of qualified investment professionals, is to compile a diversified portfolio of selected fund managers, each with their own skill set. We go about this by extensive research of fund mandates, manager styles and investment philosophy, being mindful that each manager has different skills and niche market capabilities.

Why use a client solution?

Asset classes perform differently in varying market cycles, which require that client portfolios are constantly monitored and, when appropriate, altered to take these cycles into account. A good example is how property and bond funds do well when interest rates are declining, whilst money market funds perform better when interest rates rise.

Research has proven over 90% of investment returns come from asset allocation.

We recognise this in our process, employing tactical asset allocation at the core of our decision making process. We recognise most clients do not have the time or inclination to look after their investments, which more often that not results in heartache.

The same principle as for asset classes applies to fund managers. Each manager follows a different investment style, which will work better in some market cycles. We spend much time researching this in the interests of our investors, after which changes, where appropriate, are made to any or all of the funds we manage.

Put simply, we look after your investment for you.

Our differentiation

We are not IFAs selling to the public. Rather we partner with a select group of Independent Advisors with whom we work to look after their client base. We only meet with clients when invited to do so, instead providing a regular flow of information enabling them to keep their clients informed. When asked to present to, or assist with, clients we do so at no extra charge as we believe this to be part of our long term desire to remain partnered with IFAs, just as they seek to do so with their clients, and thereby growing both our businesses.


Clients gain access to selected investment managers with whom we have regular contact, and have established good working relationships, through one access point. Where deemed appropriate we make changes without the client having to take any specific action. We remove the advice and selection responsibility from you, leaving you to see more clients and give them more attention.

Skyblue Fund Managers are licensed FSP 2 Asset Managers, with three fund of funds under management under the Boutique Collective Investments (RF)(Pty) Ltd Unit Trust Company license. The funds are designed as client solutions.