Skyblue FAQ

Who are Skyblue Fund Managers?

We are Authorised Financial Service Providers, registered with the FSCA as a Category II discretionary fund manager, thereby giving you regulated protection. We are not agents selling to the public, rather we are partners with a select group of Independent Advisors with whom we work to look after their clients.

How safe is my investment in your funds?

Our funds are registered entities with the industry regulator, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), and the Association for Savings and Investment SA (ASISA) and are administered under the Boutique Collective Investments (RF)(Pty) Ltd Management Company. All monies invested into our funds go to Boutique Collective Investments (RF)(Pty) Ltd, who carry out our instructions as to where to place your money. We do not at any stage touch any of the money invested into our funds. Boutique Collective Investments (RF)(Pty) Ltd, as our hosts, are regulated by various industry bodies, and must ensure our funds are audited, that they are independently overseen (in our instance by Standard Bank) and that we adhere to the required investment guidelines.

What happens if Skyblue ceases trading - who will manage my money

Were we to cease business for whatever reason, our contract with our host, Boutique Collective Investments (RF)(Pty) Ltd, allows them to immediately take over the management and control of our funds. This ensures that you continue to receive the service being given, without interruption. Boutique Collective Investments (RF)(Pty) Ltd would then decide who will manage your funds into the future. Ultimately the choice to stay invested if the manager were to change lies with you.

Are the managers also investing their money into the funds?

Yes. The managers of your money are also substantial shareholders in the company, and have their interests aligned with yours. They treat your money as they treat their own. They wish to develop a sustainable, self supporting business that will look after both yourself and themselves well into the future.

How do you choose the funds into which you invest my money?

Our primary focus is allocating your funds to the right asset class at the right time in the right amount. We spend many hours on research, reading, and gaining a better understanding of what is happening in both our country and the rest of the world. These activities allow us to position your investment into areas where it has a better chance of increasing in value over time. It is important that you understand that the different asset classes all present opportunities at different stages of the economic cycle – and it is these opportunities we seek out for you.

How do you choose the managers of the funds into which you will invest?

We have three very important criteria we apply when selecting managers. Firstly we want managers who have been around for a good while, so we know they have experienced both good and bad times, and who have shown consistently good returns over time. Secondly we insist on an open communication line – we must be able to speak to them, we must be able to get information on a regular basis, and they must willingly communicate with us if they have important information. Lastly their views must be aligned with ours, which are aligned with your investment goals as a result of the mandate of the fund selection you make.

Do you have cover to protect me from fraudulent activities by your staff?

We are required by law to have professional indemnity cover, which is in place across our group.

How important am I to you as a client - can I talk to you if I am concerned?

We are a small, focused company who aligns our future success with that of our clients. We have no call centres blocking access to us, we don’t spend days in meetings, and we certainly value time spent with clients getting to understand their needs, concerns and hopes. We pride ourselves on walking the talk - our supporting brokers will tell you we regularly speak to clients, and provide them with feedback sessions at which we explain current events and the opportunities and threats they present. Quite simply if we look after your money, and your questions and concerns, we will collectively grow our business in all our interests.

What track record do you have, and how long have you been managing funds?

Collectively Kevin and Arno, the fund managers, have 42 years experience in this field, during which they have experienced both the good and bad times in markets. They have worked together for the last 13 years, and have had many a lively debate over this time! In making a choice of a fund it is VERY important one looks at results and returns over at least a three to five year period, so one can see if the managers are consistent in their style. Too often investors choose the current ‘flavour of the month’ because it has done well over the last 6 months – which only results in tears. Economic circumstances change each month, and from year to year. A manager who has done well over time is therefore exhibiting an ability to adapt to these changing circumstances – which is what you should be seeking.