Retail and Institutional Asset Management

Retail and Institutional Asset Management

Skyblue Fund Managers aim to manage actively in the traditional asset management arena, with a conservative focus in order to provide sustainable growth. We believe these two existing skill bases assist our overall investment philosophy of achieving solid, sustainable growth over the longer term with a relatively lower level of acceptable risk.


To ensure we meet or beat our benchmarks over a given period of time Capital preservation before capital appreciation under strict risk management guidelines Investment strategy is based on the following three areas of research:

Macro-economic top down process, looking at economic indicators both locally and abroad, combined with asset class valuations to ascertain asset class allocation in the medium term.

Bottom-up fund selection process, encompassing manager due diligence visits and examination of past performance and portfolio characteristics of these managers during different market scenarios.

Quantitative analysis of unit trust funds and unit trust sectors on a risk return basis which allows a vast array of variables, inclusive of beta coefficient, alpha coefficient, and volatility and return relationships, to be taken into account in the decision making process.

These three areas of research are combined in the investment process when deciding on the choice of appropriate funds to make up the relevant portfolio. The process does not emphasise one area of research over another, rather blending the three in such a way that creates the ‘right manager, right strategy, right time’ scenario. This process is ongoing, with regular bi-monthly and ad hoc investment committee meetings.

The same process is applied to all the portfolios under management. We run quantitative models to ascertain the strategic asset allocation based on the respective benchmarks and time frames. Tactical allocation, top down factors, are then made based on the research areas mentioned above. The portfolio if then matched with the correct fund selection. This selection process is ongoing and can be changed when necessary.

Skyblue Fund Managers currently manage fund of funds, discretionary funds (wrap funds), and bespoke solutions. Our clients range from retail clients, third party fund of funds, wrap funds and pension funds. Importantly, all of these follow the same process